Tips for Getting Started

You’ve downloaded and installed the Precision Coils Selection program and you’re ready to begin.

How do I enter in job information?

You want to enter specific job information but how? You can access the Job Properties window from the Main window three ways: press F7, pick Properties from the Job menu, or use the toolbar.

From there you can add general job info, comments, order instructions, and special information that the factory might need to be aware of.

Much of this information shows up on the Job Summary report and the Order form.

How do I start to select, price, and rate a Precision Coil product?

To add a new selection to the current job, choose Add from the Selection menu, type Ctrl+Ins, or click the toolbar button.  This will display a window where you can start entering information for the new selection.

Can I price an item without having to run performance data?

Yes! A new feature has been added to the Unit Style window. If you require coil performance data, click Yes. If you do not need coil performance data and are just looking for a price, select No. 

If you click “No”, then you will only be required to enter the physical characteristics. No performance data is required. If you default to “Yes” then performance data will be required to complete the selection.

Can I print drawing submittals?

Yes! The program can generate individual submittal drawings, multiple submittals for schedules as well as pricing and performance. You have a choice as to what information you want to submit.

Click the Print Button and Reports can be previewed, saved, or e-mailed as a PDF (Acrobat Reader) file. All coil submittals will reveal material specifications, rows, fpi, overall casing dimensions, and connection sizes. Simply select whichever options you want and press " P continue.< to Ok?>

Several different reports are available: Job Summary, Submittal Data, and Submittal Drawing. Simply check which reports you'd like to generate. Note that the "Show prices" option controls whether net prices are shown on the Job Summary report.

NOTE: On coil drawings, sheet metal flange sizes are restricted to 1.5” for standard casing, but if a special casing height, casing length, or casing depth is required, please note it in the comment section or mark it on the submittal.

What if I want to include a special price add?

It's not unusual for a job to require options that are not part of the standard offering. (e.g. Electro-fin Coating, Insulated Coil Section). In these cases, the factory can supply a price add. You can begin working with price adds in the main window by highlighting the relevant selections. Click Add in the Price Add menu. Fill out the relevant information in the Price Add window and click OK.

An extensive Help menu is available within the program. However, if you need additional assistance, feel free to give us a call at 901-465-5900 for assistance.